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On the first death anniversary of a young Zoroastrian

Donation of the lovers of the late Mahyar Ravani to research on Gastrointestinal diseases

On the first death memorial of this young Zoroastrian, the family and friends of the late Mahyar Ravani donated to the Research Department of Hospital Diseases in Toronto, Canada.

According to the report, $ 50,000 was donated by the family and friends of the late Mahyar Ravani to Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, and a sign was placed on the 14th floor of the hospital called late Mahyar Ravani. Farnaz Ardashiri, Parviz and Raika Ravani, the mother, father and sister of the late Mahyar Ardashiri, have expressed their hope that no other family may experience the grief from such tragedy.

Mahyar Ravani, Dr Farnaz Ardeshiri and eng Parviz Ravan’s son, the representative of Zoroastrians in the fourth and fifth parliaments, passed away on August 14, 2020, due to gastrointestinal disease, at the age of 26. He had a Master’s degree in Business from the University of Western Canada and an Entrepreneurship in Western Canada.

“Amordad” prays to Ahuramazda, and health and long life for his family, especially eng Parviz Ravani, Dr Farnaz Ardeshiri and Raika Ravani.

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