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Guiv Elementary School for girls was nationally registered

Guiv girls’ elementary school, one of the six Zoroastrian schools in Tehran, was added to the national registration list with the approval of the National Registration Committee for Historical Monuments of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

Guiv Elementary School, with a long history of more than 70 years of brilliant history in girls’ education in this land, is one of the six schools under the auspices of the Zoroastrian Association of Tehran. At the meeting of the National Registration Committee of Historical Monuments of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the file of Guiv Elementary School and 6 other relics provided by a group of volunteers for preparing files of historic and contemporary relics of Tehran, were nationally registered, and 4 historic relics were approved to be included in the list of valuable relics. One of the activities of this volunteer group, in cooperation with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, is to prepare registration files for buildings of contemporary architectural value in Tehran. The files of Asian Cinema owned by Houshang Seyhoun, House on Keshavarz Boulevard by Paul Abkar, House on 30-tir Street at Saleh Intersection by Eugene Aftandilians, Kaveh Fund building in Topkhaneh Square, Beethoven House on Mirza Shirazi Street, Guiv Primary School of Zoroastrianism and Al-Ghadir Mosque by Jahangir Mazloum, were prepared and arranged by this group of volunteers, and received national registration approval from this committee.

Guiv Elementary School is one of the valuable and historical schools founded in the first decade of the construction of new schools (Pahlavi period) in Tehran with the efforts and support of Arbab Rostam Guiv. This primary school has a large building and yard that few primary schools have. The building has a kind of combined architectural style, and Iranian architectural patterns and modern European architectural style are evident in it. The school was built, according to architectural model of its time, in 3 stories, with a large hall for social and educational activities of students, equipped with a cinema and a theater. Like other Zoroastrian schools in Tehran, Guiv Elementary School was considered one of the best schools in the capital, and during those years, the number of students who passed the exams was 100%.

In 1292 solar calendar, a Zoroastrian girls’ school named Iraj was opened on the land belonging to the Zoroastrian Association of Tehran under the supervision of Arbab Keikhosrow Shahrokh under the supervision of Arbab Keikhosrow Shahrokh, thanks to the efforts of two benevolent Parsi ladies by the names of Sonabai and Zarbai.  They named the schools after their deceased brother, Iraj. This primary schools was operating for nearly 30 years to educate primary and secondary students.

As the school building was dilapidated and unsuitable for primary school and could not accommodate more students, Arbab Rostam Guiv, a member of parliament who also presided over the Zoroastrian Association of Tehran, proposed the construction of a school-worthy building from the inheritance of his late brother Arbab Guiv Shahpur. With financial and spiritual support of Arbab Rostam Guiv, the primary school was built in its current structure. This school was opened on 5th of Ordibehesht 1327, with a beautiful celebration. Since then, it has been used for the education of the country’s children.

At the same time, with the efforts of Arbab Rostam Guiv and his benevolent wife, the theatre in the western part of the educational building was put into operation. In the following years, due to the need for indoor sports space in the primary school, the Tehran Zoroastrian Association built a sports hall in the west of the theatre in the late 1330s and early 1340s. In spite of severe shortage of funds Tehran Zoroastrian Association, as a result of awareness and commitment of the board of directors for allocating and modernizing the building and facilities, as well as employing the best and most competent teaching staff, gave a reasonable budget for Guiv Elemetary School and other schools affiliated to the Association. Thus Guiv School was equipped with modern and up-to-date educational equipment, like the foreign languages lab, and the most modern heating system.

The process of implementing and improving the education and construction of Guiv Elementary School continued until the beginning of 1357, and the available statistical records from those years prove that without a doubt, this elementary school was one of the best primary schools in Tehran until then. Since 1357. Guiv Elementary School has been operating as a public school, under the supervision of Ministry of Education. All this while, this schools has also enjoyed the financial and non-financial support of Tehran Zoroastrian Association.

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