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Mahta Bakhtiar secured top rank in the art group entrance exam

Mahta Bakhtiar, a Zoroastrian student, has been ranked 64th in the national entrance exams for 1400.

Mahta Bakhtiar spent her second year of high school at Pegah Charter School in Qazvin province and graduated with a grade point average of 19 in mathematics and physics. In the 1400 national entrance exam for art, she gained 188th rank nationally, and 64th in district No. 2.

Mahta is the daughter of Mandana Dehnadi and Khodadad Bakhtiar, born in 2002, studying Iranian music and playing the Santour for almost ten years. Due to her attachment to Iranian music, she decided to continue her studies in art and music.

During the two last years of high school, which coincided with the spread of the coronavirus and classes being held online, she focused on learning general and  exclusive subjects of the art entrance exam, and hopes to succeed in music and in playing the Iranian musical instruments.

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