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Today is Khor Izad, the 11th day of the Zoroastrian calendar; 6 Shahrivar solar

Birthday of Hossein Panahi: Contemporary Iranian poet and artist

Today is a holy day, the day of Khor Izad and the month of Shahrivar, the 11th of Shahrivar in the year 3759 Zoroastrian calendar, the Saturday of Shahrivar 6th, 1400 solar, August 28, 2021 AD.

6th of Shahrivar is the birthday of Hossein Panahi, poet, writer, movie director and actor.  He is one of the 25 actors who have been nominated for Crystal Simorgh for Best Supporting Actor more than once.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, he was one of television’s most innovative writers and directors. With his childish and fragile physique, unique tone of speech, the simplicity and sincerity of his behavior, and his sense of humor he played some special roles. But Hossein Panahi was more of a poet. Panahi’s is white poetry with the most literary arrays. His first collection named “Me and Nazi” was published in 1997. This collection of poems has been reprinted more than 16 times and translated into six living languages of the world.

Hossein Panahi was born on 28 August 1956 in the village of Dejkuh In kohkilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province. After finishing school in Behbahan, Panai went to Golpayegani School, at the request of his father, and after completing his studies there, he returned to his place of residence to preach to the people. He was going to serve the people in the attire of a clergyman, but after an incident he suddenly gave up everything and went to Tehran. There, he studied acting ad play writing for 4 years in Anahit School of Arts, where he studied acting and playwriting. He first started acting in the TV series Mahalla Behdasht. He then produced several TV plays from his own writings, which all remained silent for a long time.

He shone in the TV play “Two ducks in the fog”, in which he starred, in addition to being the writer and director. And, with the broadcast of his other TV plays, he could draw the attention of a particular group of audience.  The Plays: “Two ducks in the fog” and “One flower and the spring”, written and directed by Panahi, were broadcast on television several times at the request of the people.

Hossein Panahi passed away on 4 August 2004, at the age of 48 and was buried in the city cemetery of Souk in Kohkilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province. He once said “I am afraid to die and to have to see the people of the world again.”  That day, a man stopped breathing who starred in more than 20 movies, 21 TV series, and 2 tele theatres, wrote 17 books of poetry and won 3 prestigious awards.

Khor or Hoor, meaning the sun, is the eleventh day of each month in the Zoroastrian calendar. In the Gathas khowankhor means the sun, in Avesta it is written as hor, and in the ancient Persian it is hor or khorshid. Horakhshita is mentioned next to Khowarashta in the Gathas without ashta. Khorasan is also one of the ancient names and the name of the eastern lands. It was also called Khor-asan meaning “rising” (of the same sun).

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