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The first Sassanid and post-Sassanid fire temple found in Savadkuh

The first season of excavation on the hill called Tappeh Kola in Arfa village, with the discovery of the first Sassanid and post-Sassanid fire temple in Savadkuh, Mazandaran, was completed.

Director General of the Mazandaran Cultural Heritage referred to the completion of the first season of excavation on Tappeh Kila and said: “The first Sassanid and post-Sassanid fire temple has been discovered there.”

According to Borna, Saifullah Farzaneh stated that the first season of excavation on Tappeh Kola in Arfa village of Savadkuh, ended with the discovered of the Sassanid and post-Sassanid fire temple, adding that the excavation was carried out after license obtained from the National archeological research Institute and funds received from the Directorate General of the National Cultural Heritage base, by the experts at the base of the historic Espahbod Khorshid cave under the supervision of Mehdi Abedini Araghik, in two months.

Referring to the remains of a fire temple of the Sassanid and post-Sassanid periods in this excavation, he added: “In the first excavation season, which is estimated at an area of 100 square meters, part of the main space and fireplace of the fire temple, stairs and internal and external entrances, side rooms, corridor around the structure and other parts were excavated.”

Farzaneh added: “Based on evidence, this structure was repaired and repaired many times, and it was used until the fourth century AH, but after that it was abandoned and went into ruins over time.”

He pointed out that restoration work would begin soon with the preparation of a restoration plan to strengthen the architectural remains in this excavation season. The excavated sites will be roofed for physical protection, and the site will be put at the disposal of Arfa village council for tourists to visit.

Farzaneh further added: “Full exploration of this unique structure will take three more working seasons, which can be accomplished when the funds are released.”

Director General of Mazandaran Cultural Heritage added: “The results of this season’s excavation in the fire temple of Arfa village was satisfactory. For this reason and also after the visit of the Head of the Cultural Heritage Research Center, part of the budget for the excavation has been borne by the archeological research institute from the national budget.”

Referring to the value of this work, he added: “In historical writings, several fire temples in Mazandaran, such as the Kosan fire temple in Behshahr or the current location of the Sari Grand Mosque and the Amol fire temple, have been mentioned, but no document is found indicating the use of the fire temple, or maybe that from the beginning it has not been a fire temple and only known by this name. In fact the fire temple of Tappeh Kola is the first fire temple from the Sassanid and post-Sassanid period found in Mazandaran and registered in the list of pre Islamic religious structures.”

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