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Today is Soroush Izad, the seventeenth day of the Zoroastrian calendar: the 12th of Shahrivar of the official solar calendar

Commemoration of Rais Ali Delvari, the valor of Tangestan and the day of campaign against colonization

Today is a holy day of Soroush Izad and the month of Shahrvar, the seventeenth of Shahrivar in the year 3759 Zoroastrian calendar, the Friday of Shahrivar, 1400 solar, September 3, 2021 AD.

12th Shahrivar is the death anniversary of assassination of Rais Ali Delvari because of his bravery.  With the approval of the Supreme Council of the revolution in 1389 (solar calendar) this day has been named as the day of campaign against British colonization, in the solar calendar.” It is a day reminiscent of the sacrifices and bravery of the Iranian people in guarding the king and their land and water.

Rais Ali Delvari, a constitutionalist crusader, was one of the uprising leaders of the people of Tangestan and Bushehr in southern Iran against the British government after the occupation of Bushehr in the middle of the First World War, and he lost his life for his homeland. He supported the constitution during the constitutional period. After the parliament was bombed by Mohammad Ali Shah, by order of Seyyed Morteza Mojtahed Ahrami, the religious leader of this movement in Bushehr, he captured five cities of Bushehr. Rais Ali controlled Bushehr for about nine months. During the conflict, during the WWI in 1914, British forces occupied the city of Bushehr. At the beginning of World War I, British troops attacked Iran from the south, and their warships anchored in front of Bushehr. The occupying forces gradually intended to occupy Bushehr and the surrounding coastal regions. It is worth noting that Bushehr was important for Britain as a commercial port and in terms of geo-politics in the Persian Gulf region.

The Germans being present in Bushehr gave the British an excuse to occupy the city.  Bushehr clergy issued a fatwa for jihad against British forces.  They attacked at night, in the form of night raids and gave heavy fatalities to the British troops.  Rais Ali Delvari was shot from the back by one of his companions on September, 3, 1915, and was killed at age 33. The anniversary of his death for his homeland has been registered as the National Day against British colonialism. Rais Ali Delvari was born in 1882 in the village of “Delvar”. His father was Zair Mohammad Kadkhodai Delvar. Delvar has been a part of Tangestan. Reis Ali’s family was originally from Noorabad, Mamasani and Lor. Delvar village is a small port fifty kilometers from Bushehr, which is the center of one of the coastal parts of Tangestan city. The word “delvar” means “Delavr (brave)”, which is sometimes also called “delbar”. The people of Delvar are primarily engaged in fishing and travelling to the Sheykh Neshin District. Bushehr’s location allows large ships to anchor on its shores, and therefore it is mentioned in a section of Iranian history. The port of Delvar, with a population of about 700, played the most significant role in defending Iranian territory in 1915 against the second invasion of British forces.

The seventeenth day of each month in the Zoroastrian calendar is named after Soroush Izad. Soroush means listening and obeying the will of God, and we have interpreted it as (new) to be closer to the original.

To attain my final goal I will invoke the help of Sraosha, the greatest of helpers, and hope to enjoy the long life and attain the kingdom of vohuman.  With the aid of truth and purity, and following the path of Asha, I hope to reach the heavenly domain of Ahura Mazda’s rule supreme. (33-5)

Oh God, please grant these two gifts to anyone that you love (44-16)

Following is the path that leads to the mighty Ahuramazda (28_5)

This truth that each person, whether good or bad, will receive his/her punishment or reward due to him/her (43-12)

به نوشتار امتیاز بدهید.
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