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Eng. Iraj Nozari, former president of the Kerman Zoroastrian Association, passed away

Eng. Iraj Nozar Nozari, the head of the 17th Zoroastrian Association of Kerman, passed away.

The late Eng Iraj Nozari died on Anaram Izad and Shahrivar in the Zoroastrian calendar, equal to 24 Shahrivar 1400 solar in Kerman.

Iraj Nozari, the son of Banu and Nozar, was born in Shahrivar 1321 in Kerman. He spent his primary school years in Kerman and his high school years in Tehran. He was an outstanding student all through his studies. He graduated from Kerman University with a degree in management and electrical engineering from the University of Tehran. In Kerman Regional Electricity Company, he worked as a model engineer and manager for thirty years and was selected as a prominent retiree of the province. He was selected as model retiree of the province.  As president of the 17th cycle of the Zoroastrian Association of Kerman. During the 17th cycle and under his presidency, the Association received the license to open and operate the Kerman Zoroastrian Museum, in Tir 1384 solar calendar).

He was also active in the arts of theatre and music. Engineer Iraj Nozari married Mahvash Mehran Peyman in 1347. He has three children named Niv (Ph.D. in Engineering Economics), Neda (Medical Specialist), and Nozar (Ph.D. in Civil Engineering). Relatives, friends, and colleagues know him as good-humored, generous, and kind.

“Amordad” prays to Ahuramazda, and health and long life for his family.

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