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Mehregan is planning for world registration

Mehregan, the second most important celebration of Iranians, is ready to be registered globally.

Mehregan is one of the three greatest Iranian celebrations (Nowruz, Mehregan, and Sadeh), the most important after Nowruz. Due to its cultural ties with Tajikistan, the Iranian Mehregan festival will be registered by UNESO in the world heritage list as a common festival of two countries. This fall, the universality of the “Mehregan Festival” will be voted on.

Tehran – IRNA – The director of the Anthropology Research Institute said: “The file of Mehregan celebration, the second great celebration of the ancient Iranians, is being prepared for world registration at the suggestion of the Office for the Registration of Works and Preservation and Restoration of Spiritual and Natural Heritage.”

As reported by IRNA cultural group from the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Research Institute, Alireza Hassanzadeh announced this news, calling Mehregan the greatest festival of ancient Iranians after Nowruz, which is associated with the autumnal moderation, equality of day and night timing, and the beginning of the autumn, which was the beginning of new year in ancient times and thus celebrated.

Hassanzadeh stated that the Mehregan festival would be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a common festival of Iran and Tajikestan. “This day is currently celebrated among the rural Zoroastrian communities of Iran and the people of Tajikestan.”

He considered Mehregan as a celebration of God’s blessings. He said: “Mehregan is a discourse that invites humans to establish a peaceful relationship with nature and to appreciate the divine blessings, which is natural wealth.”

A member of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Research Institute faculty stated: “Studying about his custom in Iran and Tajikestan shows the cultural and civilizational roots of the two countries and proves that these two lands have inseparable roots of friendship.”

Hassanzadeh added: “In a situation where the world is full of environmental destruction, this celebration invites human beings for sustainable development and protection of nature for the future.” The case will be considered at the next meeting of the Intangible Heritage Registration Council, likely to be held in the autumn.”

It is worth mentioning that the “Mehregan Festival” was nominated for registration as a World Heritage Site last fall. The “Mehregan Celebration” file sent to UNESCO was rejected and returned to the 15th session of the UNESCO World Committee for Intangible Cultural Heritage, hosted by Jamaica. Cases registered together with other countries are on the agenda as UNESCO’s multinational case of intangible heritage.

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