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Starting restoration and reconstruction of Goshtasb reservoir in the historical context of Sharifabad-Ardakan

Restoration of “Goshtasb Reservoir” began in the Zoroastrian neighborhood and historical context of Sharifabad, Ardakan, Yazd.

The history of Goshtasb water reservoir dates back to the Qajar period. This reservoir was founded 113 years ago by the Zoroastrian philanthropists Goshtasb Khodarham Sharifabadi and his wife and was dedicated for public use. This historical monument’s restoration and operation started on Wednesday, Shahrivar 10, 1400, with the cooperation of the Urban Development and Reconstruction Organization of Ardakan Municipality. Engineer Mahmoud Adiban, the current head of Ardakan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department, said about the restoration operation: “Restoration and reconstruction of Goshtasb reservoir has been followed up at the request of its custodian.”

The roof structure of the reservoir is made of bricks, and the infiltration of rainfall has destroyed the structure. In the first stage, the debris caused by the collapse of the roof of the reservoir is being removed from the reservoir. In the next stage the construction of the roof will be undertaken, using bricks and clay. He mentioned that the repair of the windbreaks, cleaning up of the floor of the reservoir, repair and renovation of the facade and replacement of the reservoir gutters are among the other stages of the restoration and reconstruction of the historic structure.

Abanbar (reservoir) is a groundwater storage tank built to meet people’s needs for drinking water and water storage in most parts of Iran. Reservoirs are one of the amazing structures of desert people, especially Yazd. The work of organizing and supplying water to the Goshtasb reservoir will be done at the request of Shah Bahram Beliwani, the custodian of Noshiravan Goshtasb endowment. Goshtasb Khodarham is his paternal ancestor. In this regard, he said: “I have been pursuing the repair and improvement of Abanbar for several years, but fortunately, with the arrival of Eng. Adiban to the cultural heritage center of Ardakan city, he was willing to cooperate and thus the restoration began.”

The custodian of Goshtasb reservoir continued the conversation: “Last year we replaced the foundation stone of the reservoir ourselves because the previous stone was old and there was the danger of it being stolen. We also repaired the bottom stairs of the reservoir as far as the funds of the endowment would allow. We hope that the continuation of the work with the cooperation of the Heritage Administration will achieve good results.

This historical monument has 35 steps, three windbreaks, a portal and 50 cm tank.  Having two taps separately for Muslims and Zoroastrians are one of the characteristics of the reservoir.  Drying up of the reservoir. Drying of the reservoir causes the fragility of the structure and its destruction. After restoration and reconstruction, and water flowing into the tank and the moistening of the walls will prevent the structure from sagging and subsiding. The mentioned structure is located in the old part of Sharifabad-Ardakan, one of the Zoroastrian neighborhoods of this city. It has been registered in the list of national monuments of the country with the number 15075 on 12/24/1384.

The idea of rebuilding, preserving, and revitalizing these structures remaining rom past centuries is a good way of honoring and preserving our predecessors’ efforts.

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