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Sepanta and Mahyar Sohrabi, winners of Yazd Online Chess Tournament

Sepanta and Mahyar Sohrabi, young Zoroastrian chess players, shone in the online chess tournament in Yazd.

According to the Yazd Province Chess Board, Sepanta Sohrabi won first place in the online chess tournament commemorating the National Chess Day in the boys’ section, under-fourteen age group. Mahyar Sohrabi took third place in the under-ten age group.

In cooperation with the cultural and arts organization of Yazd Municipality, Yazd City Chess Board held this tournament on Monday, September 13, 1400, with more than 50 chess players in two age categories under ten and under 14 years. Swiss-style chess tournaments were played on the Leach platform in 7 rounds, with more than 169 games.


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