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Today is Anarom Izad day, the 30th day of the month in the Zoroastrian calendar, and 25th Shahrivar of the official calendar

Death Anniversary of Mohammad Krim Pirnia: Father of the Traditional Iranian architecture

Today is Anaram Izad of month of Shahrivar, the last day of Paytah Shahim Gah Gahanbar, 30 Shahrivar in the year 3759 Zoroastrian calendar, Thursday, 25th Shrivar, 1400, September 16th, 2021.

Shahrivar 9 is the fourteenth anniversary of the death of Mohammad Karim Pirnia, the father of traditional Iranian architecture, university teacher, researcher, writer, and architectural theorist. Mohammad Karim Pirnia has written countless books and writings on the original and traditional Iranian style and architecture and is considered the father of traditional Iranian architecture. In particular, he had done extensive research on arches in Iranian architecture and their types and styles.

Pirnia was born on 16 September 1920 in Yazd and came to Tehran to continue his education after completing his secondary education at Iranshahr High School. Due to his interest in art and architecture, he took the first exam of the Faculty of Fine Arts and was accepted.

The disregard for Iranian architecture and the greater emphasis on Western architecture and European works in the universities eventually led Pirnia to drop out of school and rely on his studies and research and by examining buildings and discussed with experienced architects and masters to recognize some of the features and principles of Iranian architecture, results of which he gradually gathered and compiled into research articles and made them available to the people.

In addition to architecture, he also had knowledge of literature, calligraphy, painting, and music, was fluent in Arabic and Hebrew, knew the Pahlavi language well, and was familiar with cuneiform. Mohammad Karim Pirnia worked for a long time, from 1344 until sometime before the revolution, as the technical deputy of the Antiquities Protection Organization in the restoration, repair, and reconstruction of buildings and antiquities. For a while, he taught Iranian architecture at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Shahid Beheshti University.

Mohammad Karim Pirnia died on 20 September 1997 in Tehran at the age of 77. At his request, he was buried in Rasoulian House in Yazd, where the Faculty of Art and Architecture is currently located.

Today is the last day of the Paytah Shahim Geh gahanbar. Gahanbar is a custom and a celebration that has been held since olden times, in the cultural geography of Iran, a celebration that is based on getting together, harmony, unity, and joy. The 5 days of the Paytah Shahim geh gahanbar are a sign of the end of summer, from Ashtad Izad to Anarom Izad day, in the Zoroastrian calendar, equal to 2st to 25 shahrivar of the official calendar.

In the Zoroastrian calendar, the year is divided into 12 months of 30 days each, called with a name every day. Today is the thirtieth day of the month of Mehr in the Zoroastrian calendar and is called “Anaram.”

The 30th day of the month is Aniran or Anarom, meaning eternal light of the spiritual world. In Avesta: it is “Anghreravacha”. Anaram means “endless light.” As per Zarathushtra’s teachings:  Those who live by good thoughts, words, and deeds, and fight against lies and impurity, will eventually rush to the abode of light and joy, which is full of joy and happiness for them. This is the last house and the place of endless light. Zoroastrians like to travel on this day and praise Ahura Mazda for his good creations. The flower of “Marv Ardeshiran” is a symbol of Anaram in the Zoroastrian religion.

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